‘Dreaming City’ [DEMO]
Music and lyrics by Silvan Rus
Produced by Silvan Rus

When I was a little boy
I wished to be the greatest rockstar.
But then time told me the truth –
Time’s that sort of a teacher.
He took my hand and showed me fortunes
With enough to buy me a bike
And ride away.
But as my smile began to lose his form,
I found myself without a mattress
Sleeping on the floor.

Dreaming city
Loveless pity
Dreaming city
Bright and pretty
Dreaming city
Feeling itty-bitty
Dreaming city
To infinity beyond
To infinity my mind will wander
To infinity beyond
To infinity my my will ponder

So as time played me his tunes of taunts
I stuck my middle finger up right back at him.
And as he strummed his final chord
I raised his hand another bar.

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